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A Better Focus on Your Needs

A Wider Range of Investing Opportunities

Alternative investments without the guesswork. Consistent performance and smarter choices delivered with a personal touch.


We thoroughly and continually review private investment opportunities. “Due diligence” is more than a phrase for us — it’s what we do.


Our clients expect a higher caliber of advice, and we offer them all the insights of a dedicated team of seasoned investing professionals.


We ensure each client knows what we know and understands what we understand. Only that way can we, together, make the smart financial decisions that will grow your portfolio.

Why Choose Windstar?

Informed, trusted advice for sophisticated investors

Let the seasoned professionals at Windstar maximize your investment potential and offer you the best assurance in the industry.

What are EMDs and the fast-growing markets they specialize in?

Diversify your portfolio beyond the ordinary, with the help of expert, data-driven, regulated and licensed advisors.

Benefits of Investing with Us

Investing solutions that combine
integrity with confidence

Invested with You

The foundation of our business is trust and diligence. Your interests and needs are always our top priority.

Expertise and Knowledge

Over 45 years of financial experience on your side. Our small, tightly knit team of experts work together to bring you smarter investment alternatives for a stronger portfolio.

Our strong client relationships are built on a foundation of responsiveness to your needs.